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The Arts & Bots Project is where students combine craft materials, robotic components and a custom visual-programming tool to build and animate their own robotic creations. Our initial target audience was middle school girls, but the project now engages both genders from elementary school through high school. Arts & Bots is a flexible program that can be adapted to many contexts and subjects in and out of school. We are researching Arts & Bots' impact on students' learning and attitudes.

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We are also studying the impact of the Arts & Bots program on students’ motivation, confidence, and learning with respect to science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields. Learn more about our research results and how you can get involved at the research page.

Here is a fantastic introduction to our Hummingbird Kit, this kit is what makes all of the content (and robots) you'll see within our site work. You can find more information on Hummingbird at www.hummingbirdkit.com.

Curious to see examples of what robots that use Hummingbird can look like? Follow this link for a few examples


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