Math & Technology Mini Projects

Adaptive Game Board

Grades : 7-8
Subject: Technology, Engineering
Students develop an automated game board that is designed to assist children with a specific or multiple disabilities.  Students design, prototype, and test their automated systems.  The final product will include: Game, Packaging, Directions for Use, and Marketing Strategy.

Inventions and Innovations
Grades : 6-7
Subjects: Technology,Engineering
Students develop a working model for a solution to an identified need in their local community.  Scope of the design is to be set by the instructor and should include ways of making a positive impact on the students' community.  Students will identify a problem in which they are intimately involved or concerned about.  Examples include:  Fairness in Sports, Recycling, Water Conservation.

Grades: Middle School
Subject: Technology
The students will create a robot that represents a news anchor. The news anchor will introduce a new scientific or technological breakthrough (within the past year). The news story should talk about the background behind the breakthrough, the current effect, and the potential future impacts.

Grade: Elementary School
Subject: Math
Students will create a robotic device that teaches about angles. The device should be able to show congruency, supplementary angles, and complimentary angles. The students can then use their devices to teach younger students about angles.

 Grades: Middle School
Subject: Technology, Art
In conjunction with EARTH DAY activities, students will explore recycling and its impact on the Earth. As a school wide contest, students will be challenged to design a robot which will make use of the robot kits and encourage use of the existing water bottle recycling containers in our school cafeteria. Students will choose the winner from the top three selected from a group of teachers, administrators, parents, and students. The creator of the winning design will have have authority to establish a team to help build and construct the robot. The specific challenge should focus on changing the exisiting behaviors of misuse and non-use of the plastic water bottle recycling bins in the cafeteria.  A possible solution could include cheery lights and a silly sound when students place items inside the container.