Mrs. Lally Presents at the Regional Arts Education Day

On Monday, October 8, 2012, Mrs. Lally led and presented three “breakout sessions” for the Arts Education Collaborative Regional Arts Education Day   held at South Fayette High School. The session “From Process to Product: The Art Classroom as Robotics Lab”  focused on the experience of participating in the 2011 summer class “Educational Robotics for the Classroom” held at Carnegie-Mellon University, then converting the knowledge and training to creating and teaching a lesson in robot-making and maneuvering in an 8th grade classroom at South Fayette Middle School. In May 2012, nine eight grade students took part in this project. Participants were able to see a demonstration of the “Beatlebot” Ringo, as well as video footage and photographs showing the students in the process of designing and operating their robots. 

Diane Lally - Art Teacher from South Fayette Middle School