The Power Seeker

As part of Professor Illah Nourbakhsh's Principles of Human Robot Interaction course, our team developed a power-seeking robot using the Arts and Bots platform. 

Using the tool was a simple way to rapidly prototype our design which included two servo motors, a light sensor, an IR sensor, four LEDs, and two tricolor LEDs.  To start, we used the CREATE lab's Visual Programmer to set up our components.  Eventually, we took full advantage of the Hummingbeans java library which made text-to-speech straight forward and allowed for easy manipulation of sensor data and servo configuration.

Using the Hummingbird platform was a very positive experience for our team, enabling us to focus on our preliminary research investigation task of seeing whether or not people would perform favors for a robot requesting them based on behavior.

For more information, please visit our team's website at

-Marshall Fox (MRSD 2013), Jiangxia Shi (MRSD 2013), and Enqi Zu (MS-RT 2013)