April 26th Workshop Wrap Up

Twenty-eight participants from ten organizations attended the Spring themed April 26th, 2013 Arts & Bots workshop. Thank you to everyone who participated, it was a successful and inspiring event.

Bots in video: Mystery Box, Corn, Dog, Seascape, Hockey Net, Medieval Shield

Bot in video: Batman

Bots in video: van Gogh, Bird, Missile Alert System

Bots in video: Tree, Baby Birds, Trendy Lady

Bots in video: Chicken, Car

Bot in video: Leopard Print Tie Guy

Bot in video: Bird

Bots in video: Andy Warhol, Leopard, Bumblebee, Ants in the Pants, Lion

Bots in video: Cuckoo Clock, Bee

Bot in video: Chipmunk