Carnegie Science Center Create-a-bot

This summer, the Carnegie Science Center held six summer robotics camps for ages 8-12. Using the CREATE Lab's visual programmer and Hummingbird Kits, campers combined craft materials and robotic components to build and animate artistic robotic creations. This camp was one of the most popular camps they ran this summer. Check out their bots below.

Carnegie Science Center

25 students from high schools all over Allegheny county came together once a month for 4 months as part of the AIU Robotics apprenticeship program. The students learned about robots then learned how to make and program their own creations. Students started with Lego Mindstorms then graduated into creating and programming their own 'bots using thenHummingbird kit and recycled materials. Several students chose to challenge themselves and programmed their Humminbirds using Processing instead of the Create-lab visual programmer.

Zachary weber
Staff Educator, technology programs
Carnegie Science Center