To Build a Robot Dragon

Link to the timelapse video.

Using the the Hummingbird Kit, kit boxes and craft supplies, Jenn (from the CREATE Lab) built a second Arts & Bots dragon. This time with butterfly wings! The dragon uses all four servo motors to move the neck, mouth and two wings. It also has tri-color LEDs in the eyes and single color LEDs in the fire-breath and illuminated heart. The tail wags using a DC motor attached to a modified quick return mechanism constructed from popsicle sticks. The body, head and neck are constructed from the original packaging of the Hummingbird Kit. The wings are constructed from foam, popsicle sticks and some metal pieces and then attached to servo powered push-pull linkages inside the body. The dragon was then decorated using markers, highlighters, craft foam, googly eyes and craft gems.

We documented the entire process using a Canon Rebel T2i to take a still photo every 5 seconds. We processed the resulting 6,925 images using TimeMachine Creator software to make an explorable timelapse video where you can control the speed, decide where to zoom in and out, and be able to explore each detail of the construction on your own pace.  

Total construction time: 10 hours 

Challenge question: How many hot glues sticks were used in creating the purple dragon? Watch the timelapse to find out.

The original green Arts & Bots dragon was thrilled to meet the new purple dragon. The purple dragon is now on-tour around the United States at expos and shows with our friends at BirdBrain Technologies and Qupiron. See the video of the dragons together below.