Arts & Bots Workshop Wrap-up

Thanks to everyone who participated in the September 10, 2012 Arts & Bots workshop, it was a successful and inspiring evening. Participants included twenty-one educators from 10 school districts, a group from the Carnegie Science Center, and The Literary Arts Boom. They all built and programed robots inspired by the topic of library, as September is library card sign-up month. Many robots were created can be seen below.


"I enjoyed the creativity the most"



"I think this would be much more appealing to girls than your standard robot kit"


"I usually as an adult I am use to doing things I know how to do, I knew coming here that this is not in my skill set but I did something... so I do feel really good about it and it was a different experience."



Book Bot

"I think you could bring that same kind of spirit of tinkering and inovation and tie it into what you are learning in the course of the day"


Jingle Bot

"The concepts that go into building any type of robots offer really useful skills in terms of math as well has teamwork, because a lot of work with robots is how to put together different skills to make one robot"



"This project makes my mind go in a million different directions with what I can create"