Hummingbirds are here!

We've just received our first batch of 250 production Hummingbird
kits! Here's some pictures of the giant boxes they came in, the final
Hummingbird controller, and the kit contents (attached to the
controller). Each kit contains:

1 Hummingbird controller
1 6' USB A to mini-B Cable
1 5V/2A Motor power supply
4 HS-311 Servos
2 DC Gear Motors
2 Vibration Motors
8 Single color LEDs (2 each of red, amber, yellow, green)
2 Tri-color LEDs
1 Distance sensor
1 Light sensor
1 Temperature sensor
1 Knob
1 Sound sensor
1 Resistor+wires to make your own sensor (for example, a play-dough sensor)

We're very much looking forward to seeing how these get used!

New Name: Arts & Bots

Robot Diaries will be going by a new name: Arts & Bots. The project has grown beyond the original diary concept and Arts & Bots better describes the components of the project today. The transition may take a little while as we're still getting used to the new name ourselves, but expect to see more "Arts & Bots" in the future.

Robot Diaries slide show presentation at TRETC - Zee Ann Poerio

Thanks to everyone who attended our session at TRETC. We enjoyed meeting you and sharing ideas about the ARTS & BOTS program.  Thanks to everyone at CMU for your support throughout this project and special thanks to NSF for making our summer course on Educational Robotics possible.  This slide show includes the powerpoint presentation with the data from the interactive questions asked.