Mini Project Idea: Biological Systems - Rob Ruddle

Students will create a model of a biological system that demonstrates how that biological system works.  More specifically, the model should demonstrate how the system reacts when performing a certain task. Student research will be necessary. The inspiration for this project came from the demonstration we saw  yesterday in which sensors were attached to a man to create a graphical model how h is body reacts when hitting a golf ball.  this activity could also be extended by having students label systems, subsystems, and components. While sensors would be very expensive for a school district, there are plenty of youtube videos that demonstrate things in slow motion.  additionally, some might have access to high speed cameras  and will be able to create their own slow motion videos.    The difficulty I see with this project is that this will only  work for systems you can see from the outside of the body.
Rob Ruddle

Mini Project Idea: Human Environmental Interaction - Tanner Huffman

"Our world is what We make it"

Objective:  Student will develop an understanding of human interaction with the environment.  Students will explore both positive and negative impacts of human intervention.
Research - Student will research either a positive or negative effect of human involvement with the environment.  Examples include: Conservation, Lead Certification, Recycling (Positive) or Deforestation, Ozone Destruction, Water Pollution.
Action - Students will develop a basic interactive model that will change, either positively or negatively, with human presence.  Student will utilize a motion sensor to switch between two "modes" of their model; Before Humans and After Humans.

Tanner Huffman